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Welcome to Kalashnikovdb's Wiki,
The reference documentation base and project information base for everyone who has will and interest in Kalashnikovdb database management system (DBMS) developing.

What's new and done?


  • Web site for Kalashnikovdb project
  • SWIG interface
  • Documentation
  • Transaction system added
  • Fixed some bugs and errors from previous versions


  • Interface for Python (all code in C language)


  • Disk management (all code in C language)
  • Memory management (all code in C language)

What is Kalashnikovdb?

Kalashnikovdb is open source database management system that is developed by students and professors from FOBP course. You can also subscribe to the Mailing list for more info about this project and see the latest changes.

Kalashnikovdb source code and downloads are hosted on SourceForge.

Tools and languages

  • Tools

- GCC - SVN - SWIG - GDB - Make - DoxyGen

  • Programming languages

- C language - Python

Tips and Tricks

Kalashnikovdb uses a SVN repository provided by link SourceForge. To check out the current development version use:

To update your code allready checked out go to the kalashnikovdb folder and use:

  • svn update

To build and start the system use:

  • your-prompt# cd src


  • your-prompt/src# make clean


  • your-prompt/src# make


  • your-prompt/src# cd ../bin


  • your-prompt/bin# ./akdb


Developers are welcome

  • Kalashnikovdb is also a development community that you can join.
  • You can help Kalashnikovdb by developing, testing, donating ...

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